Friday, 13 March 2015

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Noida, India
In The Corporate City
On the road. At the airport. In the air. On the wheels again. That's how our day looked before the afternoon catch-up rest in Noida. Our group of mine got excited about doing something spiritual by the end of the day. Kirtan was the way to sum up a grueling day in the downtown.
My idea of a city's downtown is bright lights, pedestrians, shops and cafes. All of the above exist, except for pedestrians. Everyone's got a car but for the beggars. Alas a vast range demographics from India find their way to Noida! There we were just outside of McDonald's (yes, they can be found here) and with loud speakers we bellowed out the Name of the Greatest. Shop owners came a bit intrigued seeing a bunch of white and brown youthful (I'm the exception) zealots putting out the mantra. Our procession had to be shared on the road. Sidewalks are practically in the avyakta stage which means unmanifest, at least at most shops. It's interesting! By the time we returned to the Noida ISKCON temple, we noticed the large banner strapped above and across the front entrance. "Vande Arts Presents Drama Workshops" reads the banner with an image of myself in a playful mood at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada while on my second cross country trek. So that's why we're here. At the request of one monk, Lokanath Swami, I have come back since the year's opening of this gorgeous temple. "Do some theatre! " he happily demanded.
May the source be with you!

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