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Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Mayapur, India 
The Seed Giving Doctor

I got to know Uddhava from a former visit to Tirupati in South India. He comes daily to my room offering me a method of seed therapy. In addressing slow weakening knees (I'm 62), the kind soul, a doctor, applies methi seeds, or what we know as fenugreek, to my middle toes. By simply lining in row a group of those organically golden seeds and then pressing a strip of tape to them he then winds them around that delicate toe on each foot. 

For a second application he has been using on the middle finger, taped seeds of rice kernels to each hand. The reason for this approach is to take the challenge on varicose veins developing on both legs. My mother was taxed by varicose veins and from what I recall she felt pain and did numerous things to deal with it. The one that I recall was to see her wrapping gauze around her legs. She had large and long purple/blue veins looking the shape of lightning rods. Although what I have are nowhere as acute as in her case, still, like Uddhava says "it's good to be preventative" and hence, he's helping me out. 

The physical challenges that tax us all have to do simply because we are in a physical body which has no permanent vitality. 

"Walking is good for everything, but maybe not too much", said Uddhava.

"Is he talking about me, about my marathon?"  Then I'm sure to be so surrendered to the hinting of Uddhava, who's also 62. I'm grateful that he's helping me out with what he calls an ancient technique. Thank you and goodbye, Uddhava, we're off to leave for Kolkata and a flight to Delhi. 

May the source be with you! 

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