Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Mayapur, India


Most of the senior monastic people, what we call sannyasis, have left Mayapur for other pilgrimage sites in India or have left for their areas of responsibility in their respective places on the globe.  The numbers of pilgrims to Mayapur, however, have not diminished - but only increased. 

The various places of devotion, worship, and sanga (classes or chanting) are crammed situations at times.  What do you expect with an additional 8,500 pilgrims coming as an influx on top of the thousands already here?  The other areas of "clogging" are where the food is served.  And with today being ekadasi, a day of abstaining from grain, the congestion at serve-out zones is no less.

Meals are sponsored every day.  Some people opt for a more hopeful efficiency at numerous food stalls and restaurants.

I was taken by the fully capacitated pandal, a rather elegant bamboo-framed colourful tent, which drew a Russian audience to hear the day's Bhagavatam class, presented by "yours truly" (translation provided).  Hours later our final performance of "Blue Mystic" was executed at the same location - a packed house again.

That was satisfying enough!  However, in my brief walk to our accommodation, the fire in me changed directions.  A motorcycle came tearing through the crowd.  One driver and two passengers (three young men) occupied the machine and I truly "chewed them out" for their inconsiderate, careless nature.  My final words were, "Sell your monster!  Learn how to walk!"

May the Source be with you!

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