Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Toronto, Ontario

Interesting figure

My dear friend, Shyama Sundar, originally from Sudbury, Ontario, gave me an interesting figure to chew on with regards to driving and drinking.  Shyama Sundar is a well enough known astrologer, but the stats that he gave me is the annual global 600,000 people dying related to drunken driving, and which has nothing to do with reading into the future, it’s telling it like it is.  In general, people are irresponsible in the matter of handling the mix of a car in motion behind a steering wheel and drinking bad water (liquor).  The figure is astronomical, after all.  It’s a good plug in for foot power – walking.  So that’s one thing. 

Ah!  And what can I say regarding this early trek before a 7 AM service?  The windows of stately home where I’m trekking reflect the lateral sunlight.  They are all a rich glowing saffron, almost blinding, really.  That eastern sun beckons me forward to keep going, and even to skip my 7 AM service.   But, no, duty stands before passion.  However, the days are numbering when I will be heading, not east, but west, towards the Rockies, when I hope to be rocking in completing the fourth walk across Canada.  So readers, wish me well.  Come and take to the enticing road for a day or two.  Spoil yourself and get spiritually high. Bring your mediation beads.

May the Source be with you!

5 KM

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