Friday, 2 May 2014

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Alachua, Florida

It’s May Day, Eh?

It’s rare to see anyone on foot in this area, but that’s what I saw on this ultra quiet sandy road.  The sun was just making its appearance when I came to a stretch with Spanish moss dangling from giant trees.  Coming my way was a young black girl in reddish, but humble attire.  Before I had a chance to utter any greeting, she uttered a clear, “Hare Krishna, it’s May Day.”

“Yes,” I replied, “and you have a good one.”  I turned around after we crossed each other wondering about her destination and also her connection to that Divine personality we know as Krishna. 

So May has begun with a day that will not be repeated ever again according to the calendar for planet Earth.  “Cherish it, then,” I thought, “and contribute to making it unique.”  That uniqueness began for me with sitting side by side with a friend  and delivering this morning’s message from the Bhagavatam together.  Tamohara is a very respected brahmin in the community.  He was scheduled, according to a roster, to give the class, but by his kindness, me being a guest, the idea came up that we share the teaching.  The fact that we broke from routine makes the start of this day different.

What were some of the bullet points, or sutras that summarized our message on this May day?  (In my own words)

1)      Improve your sravanam (listening)
2)      Don’t take provocation or argument so seriously
3)      See the God factor in whatever occurs
4)      At least mentally register the little miracles of the day
5)      Adjustment and change cures the disease we call stubbornness

One more item that I would like to add about uniqueness on this day has to do with a visit to an old Canadian friend, Mahavir.  We enjoyed brunch together and at that time I became an honourary member of the Hare Krishna Motorcycle Club.  Yes, indeed, I got plopped on top of one of those mean machines, and I’m sure he snapped a few shots to promote the worthy mission of Hare Krishnas on motorcycles.

May the Source be with you!

5 KM

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