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Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Estevan, Saskatchewan
Shanti in Estevan
"Star wars and Spartan battles are nothing compared to what you see in the open sky," I explained to tonight's group.  Roxy, the person behind a new-age boutique called 'Soul Hideout’, had her shelves of paraphernalia shoved to the perimeter of the room to accommodate my presentation.
I was talking to the circle of attendees about the glory of foot travel and the accompanying entertainment that comes as a natural consequence.  "I recall an eagle going after the eggs of a heron and the fierce battle that ensued.  I recall just the other day in Kenora seeing a couple of robins in feverish agitation over a crow at their nest.  I recall numerous aviation dynamics that put me in awe of nature and the Creator."
We also talked about the difference between matter and spirit and how you can happily bind the two through service of a devotional kind and that this service is the end of all knowledge and the end of all yoga.  "We are not these bodies.  We are spirits," I added.  That in fact should be a relief to those of us who get too fidgety over our flesh and blood.
Everyone really had a good feeling about the mantra meditation we did near the end.  It put a cap onto this evening of shanti, peace.  But before I sign off on this quick report on today's goings-on I wanted to mention a small incident of the afternoon.  At Churchill Park in Estevan, where Karuna and I rested a while, I noticed a young man in the distance sitting at the grass’s edge and looking out at the deep valley below.  I encouraged Karuna, who's also young, to talk to him.  I surmised that he was in contemplation, and since he was there for quite a while, that his contemplation was more penetrating than normal.  His dream has dimension and that maybe he was at a crossroads.
Karuna honoured my suggestion and indeed he did discover that the young man, who was Philippino, was gnawing within to explore the world.  He wanted to be somewhere beyond the town and was praying to God to help with this.  Karuna's timely drop-in to this man's life made a difference.  He was cheered on to reference the Creator for strength.
May the Source be with you!
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