Monday, 2 November 2009

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Getting Out on the Street
Toronto, Ontario

He was driving and making a delivery. He works from 5am until 11pm everyday. This evening he spotted me on Yonge St. He had seen me before in ‘96’ on the road one hour east of here. He didn’t forget the image. Once seeing the robes he decided it was the same image. He made a u turn and wanted to check. He came to where I was on foot and went for the confirmation and asked for a blessing. He was a Sri Lankan and addressed me as “Maharaja.” I wished him and his family well.

Two Mexican martial artists visiting on world sport competition saw the robes.

“Hare Krishna!” They said I reciprocated. They apparently know Krishna devotees from Mexico’s Ratha Yatra .

A couple while passing by said, “Hare Krishna”

We spoke and I told them that I offer my services to them. A young Bangladeshi man said, “Hare Krishna!” On his way from work he didn’t expect to see a monk this evening. We talked positive.

The last person to approach me was a Muslim Pakistani student from Ryerson University and his girl. He identified himself as the leader of the Muslim organization at the campus. He asked if I was a monk and if I would be interested in doing some future presentations on what I represent. Naturally I complied. The friendly communication ended with a hand shake like all the other folks I met. Each encounter was brief but impactful. These were people who came to me, not the reverse.

All this happened in the span of one hour. If I were to walk up and down the street and meet eight persons who come to me each hour that would be 8x24 or 192 people. That’s not bad for just being there in robes walking. Unfortunately I will need to sleep for five hours and eat which will occupy another 30 minutes. Let’s consider another 30 minutes for showering and other bodily activities. That would knock off a few opportunities due to sleeping and eating and the like.

I have one regret about this evening. I ran out of mantra and invitation cards which I handed out to people. Otherwise there are no regrets.

7 Km

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