Thursday, 5 November 2009

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

To Montreal

Montreal, Quebec

If I had my way as to which mode of travel to take to Montreal, the choice being plane, train, bus, car, horse or legs, it would be the last one. The only diffculty is that at a round figure of 600 kilometers it would take me over two weeks to reach my destination.

I settled for automobile. At $35 you can car pool and save those extra dollars on a six hour drive. That is a significant saving which is always important when you consider that these funds belong to your guru. My use of funds is public money. It's not mine. As a swami/monk I must maintain the obligation to watch spending and to be frugal (at all costs).

I took a ride with Sam, a Pakistani man, sharing the van space with two young women. One of them was Rebecca, a yoga instructor and English teacher in Gaspe Penninsula, Quebec. It's a small world. She tells me she has been reading this blog and knows people I know. Of course, we are both situated in the yoga universe or to put it more simple, we are in the same circle of people.

Being in a moving vehicle is like taking a sleeping pill for me. Due to last night's late satsang, home program, I had to doze so communication with Rebecca was limited. She stopped off at Kingston, the midway mark. Then Sam, the driver to the car pool services and I spoke, a good chunk of which time we talked the logic of the proof of God's existence. Sam was adamant.

"It's not just nature or an accident that all this is here," gesturing with his hands that he momentarily released from the steering wheel. The fiery nature of our dialogue kept us both perked up until we reached downtown Montreal. "Thanks, Sam!"

Once arriving at the Krishna Temple on Pie-IX Boulevard and attending the Sunday Open House program I could see the glistening of a vibrant community. It's some special kind of grace when you see this, which is gauged by the width of the happy faces, a reflection of the Divine, no doubt.

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