Thursday, 9 July 2009

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

About Humility

Toronto, Ontario

I had asked a good friend of the Krishna Conscious Movement, an active member, Michael O'Regan, if he could prepare a presentation for the resident monks and sisters in the temple, to say something about the early days.

As part of his presentation, he read a poem he wrote while residing for some time with devotees. Everyone liked it a lot. Here it is! It's about humility:

"Ou Sont Les Humilities d'Anton"

Whatever happened to my humility?
I used to be so humble.
I was more humble than a stone,
More humble than a tree.
I could have won prizes for my humility!
In fact, and I say this with all humility,
I was one of the most humble people around.
I was so proud of my humility.
It gave me a secret inner glow
Just to know how truly humble I was
Compared to everyone else.
I revelled in the depths of my humility.
And it wasn't as if it came easy to me.
True, I had a lot to be humble about,
But then it isn't easy to become humble
When you're as wise and beautiful and
Talented as I am.
It took years of work.
I trod the wavy line between humility and
Humiliation, power and love, love and power,
And eventually I achieved my goal.
I had it all!

I was humbler than the humblest.
The earth was not low enough for me.
I was lower than the lowest.
I had reached the apogee of humility!
I could'a been a contender!
Then it all slipped away...
Where did it go?
Where did it all go?...

Michael O'Regan

12 KM

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