Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Heaps of Garbage
Toronto, Ontario

One of our members put it very bluntly, “The unions are destroying everything.” Referring to the most recent strike for garbage collection. “They are rascals,” said another acquaintance. “In such cash strapped times as these and receiving forty dollars per hour, how dare they.”

When perishable items remain hanging around stanching and taking up space it’s no wonder that tax payers start beefing. Someone else said that unions were formed to protect the worker but the times of oppression are by-gone and the situation has gone in reverse. The public is left at a stranglehold until negotiations unfreeze the strikers demand.

That’s the simple and one sided end of the story. It is a side that I have been sold on. Mind you much can be said about the public’s lack of thriftiness, being non-frugal and so very wasteful. I’m sure that you’ll agree that a monk’s message should always include putting out a good word for Mother Nature and it’s seed-giving Father.

I will give credit to the people of this city and many places with garbage strikes that they try to shove a throw away item into a city bin even though overloaded because strikers refuse to pick up the garbage.
Somehow in this world of discontent, this world of throw- out we have managed to do that with GOD-throw Him out. As I walk Yonge st. I’m saddened to see the pile ups and that the Wind-God doesn’t hold back on the distribution of trashed items.

The whole thing wreaks of greed. It’s stronger than the smell of garbage.

Will someone please light up some incense?

6 KM

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