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Friday, July 24th, 2009

To Rate a Temple

Port Royal, Pennsylvania, USA

After a full morning sadhana(spiritual warm up) at Sandy Ridge I moved on by aircraft on two flights to Harrisburg, then driven to the farm community, near Port Royal. Darkness was setting but I managed to fit in sufficient time to trek from Gita Nagari Road to Jaya Gopal’s ice cream restaurant. Ekavirya, a Detroit native and I had no intent on scoops of the sweet dairy dream. We both felt we needed to take in some good Pennsylvania air and work our legs well enough to be able to have a good night’s rest.

The temple at the farm is simple but tastefully done. What isn’t done in wood, is a painted rich burgundy. I applaud the arrangers of the temple for providing ample chairs for those in need. (Not everyone can sit in the lotus posture. My duration is a comfortable 5 minutes then I hanker for a chair). When I entered the building well built shoe racks were provided on either side and surprisingly shoes were neatly placed in them. I couldn’t find the washrooms/restrooms. They were on a trip to get to, once their location was pointed out.

I also noticed very little clutter of things – instruments, books, microphone or other regular features of most temples. The deities adored here are displayed in a simple singhasan(shrine) which is in keeping with the rest of the room. Overall my unofficial critique puts the place in an 8.5 out of 10 rating for a pleasant experience in terms of lay-out, colours, tidiness etc.

Oh yes ! The size of the space is just perfect-cozy and not cavernous in feeling. I do take notice of interiors as much I do of the exterior world when walking.

How does your temple or place of spiritual gathering rate in terms of being people – friendly? Do you have a diaper changing station?

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