Sunday, 5 April 2009

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Montreal, Quebec

People love to share their future ideas with you. It ranges anywhere from marriage, to a physical move or money making schemes. As a person in the renounced order of life you may wonder why a monk would even bother to give the time of day. Well, the reason why it is important to lend an ear to such mundane causes is that people seek some kind of blessing from a monk. Plans may fail but a common belief is held by the public is that the more you stack in your favour, the more your project has a chance to succeed.

My comment to people at such times is to plan well, go forward with conviction but don't be disappointed with the results if it doesn't reach your expectation. A key verse from the Bhagavad-Gita supports this mind-set. "Be attached to one's duty and not to the fruits of one's duty." In other words live in the moment of responsibility. You may not be happy with the outcome of an endeavour. Be happy with the endeavour.

It's like walking. Don't be too anxious about the final destination but enjoy the walk.

To cap off to the day Tuesday evenings there is a reading circle of the Gita at the Pie IX temple. From 7:30 pm to 9 pm thirty or more spiritual seekers dwelt on texts from Chapter Four to do with the various types of sacrifices that exist in the world and that more important than the sacrifice of material possessions is the cultivation of knowledge.

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