Saturday, 20 July 2019

Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Toronto, Ontario

Brave The Street

Jai and I decided to brave the street and walk to the dock from the ashram.  I say ‘brave’ because we were both fatigued from the previous day's hectic but sweet activities.  There were options for reaching that destination by subway, car, uber, taxi and more, but it is always my experience that energy is produced from output.  Jai and I put it out.

We made it in time to meet with Ananda Gauranga and crew, who were poised for a fire ceremony.  In this fire ceremony, four candidates were already set for their initiations.  In this beautiful atmosphere of Centre Island, of shady trees and soft grasses, Ghanasham accepted the name of Ganapati.  Mark from Utah received the name of Mukunda.  Kalanath from Sri Lanka accepted the name Karana Karuna.  Finally, Vinod, whom I'm sure doesn't mind me mentioning he was a former addict, took on the name Bhaktivinode.  Two more devotees received their second initiation—Satya and Om Purnam.

The island saw a second day of happy goers to the festival hosted by members of ISKCON.  Radha Priya worked hard at the stage.  Billy was the main force behind the Yoga Meltdown.  Hanuman was the main server of the vegan feast of which Dwarka was the cook.  Satyabhama and Keshava were the fundraisers.  Yura and Rukmini took the lead in overall organization.  There are honourable mentions but ‘Wow’ what an event.  Also I was proud to see our ladies receive another standing ovation for their "Gita: Concise" performance.

May the Source be with you!
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