Thursday, 11 July 2019

Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Montreal, Quebec

Good Spirit

This whole spring and summer there’s been a threat of rain about to descend, and it has come, more so than usual, at least in the eastern part of the country. Today was no exception.  The showers came and then the chariot procession was about to begin.  The sun burst through, a light breeze moved in—a miracle from nature.

The High Commissioner of India gave me a warm greeting in reciprocation to mine. "I was young when your guru, Prabhupada, came to our home," he said. "He started all of this, the festival and bringing everyone together."

We were standing in the midst of the crowd at the corner of Sherbrooke and St. Laurent when he cut the ribbon for the start of the march.  Coconuts were smashed on the pavement.  Ladies were ‘ululating’.    Men were rolling drums of various sorts and kinds.  An Odissi-style dancer posed and moved in colourful garb, dancing out sentiments in praise of Jagannath.  Then everyone began to chant and move as they pulled the ropes of the chariot.

The sun was present, then absent.  It was a play of the gods.  The chanting resounded, dominating Ste. Laurent.  It was nice, sweet.  So many young men and women especially, set in passion—a good passion.

This went on until we reached the destination point, Jeanne Mance Park, at the base of Mount Royale.  New crowds came, interested in exploring the best of Indian culture.  Not crammed traffic, not honking horns or raunchy smells, not Bollywood, but good-spirited spiritualism seemed to resonate without restriction.

May the Source be with you!
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