Saturday, 2 September 2017

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Stagecoach, Nevada

Not Exactly Galloping to Stagecoach

Highway 50 splits.  Our route is 50 proper, also known as Carson Express (check Kit Carson).  The Lincoln Highway and Pony Express also merge into this one.  I passed a major lake, Lahontan, on my left, and entered an area as dry as a bone.  A sign warns traffic—and walkers I suppose—“Dust Hazard, Next 4 Miles.”

Okay!  Let’s see!

With less sleep last night, at times, I feel like I'm dragging myself.  The early rise is for following the motto: “Beat the heat!”  Also, I was booked for a talk at the Silver Springs Senior Centre for 10:30 a.m.  Lovely people!  Good listening and good sharing!

It doesn’t always go totally smoothly in places.  When the three of us came to the centre in Fallon, after an okay to come and mingle, a supervisory person denied us, saying, “You may not call it soliciting, but we do!”  Of course, that was not our intent at all.  Speaking on “Tales from Trails” was our sole agenda.

And there’s more of that kind of rejection at times.  When Hayagriva made a personal visit to KVLV AM radio station, which is located in a private older home, seven barking and growling dogs cornered him in the foyer. The broadcaster interrupted his weather report on air to tell him, “We don’t do interviews.”

The greatest reception comes, by far, from the motorists.  For instance, when I was trekking at a busy hour, I was thinking, Few younger folks care for the notion of pilgrimage, what to speak of Eastern thought.  Just then a sprightly young man pulled over and expressed his personal interest in Eastern philosophies. 

And there was Loraine, who participates in dog rescue, and who was moved to tears of joy when she met me on the side of the road.  “It’s rare to meet someone spreading peace in our troubled world,” she said.

May the Source be with you!

20 miles

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