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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Cremo and Sam


Michael Cremo is the author along with Dr. Richard Thompson on writings that challenge the status quo including the self-admitted speculations of Darwin.  “Forbidden Archaeology” and “The Hidden History of the Human Race” are books inspired by our guru that are premised by conspiracy theory justified.  When you read these revealing texts, you’ll know what I mean.  Why do people blindly follow anything that’s presented to them?  Why the gullibility?  Challenge or at least question before acceptance, be thoughtful.

That’s what’s nice about Cremo’s work, it stimulates independent thinking.  He travels the world with his message and shakes up a paradigm that needs shaking.  And he presents the facts with coolness and sobriety.

It’s unfortunate that I won’t be around for his talks.  I’m off to Vancouver today and he’ll be moving about in the Toronto/Hamilton area enlightening people, ‘shaking a few trees’.

Cremo, whom I know devotionally as Drutakarma, came out with me for that chill out trek that I take in the morning.  Conversation was light, we were just getting to know each other.  In exchange, we asked, ‘Where were you born?  Where did you grow up?  What’s your ethnicity?’ and so on.

And so long… On the plane I go.

By providence I was moved from a middle seat to the isle and the young fellow two seats from mine was also moved from the middle row to the window.  We hit it on.  As he put it, it was meant to be.  Sam Hing is a Toronto born guy of parents from Hong Kong.  He was raised Catholic, and during mass he served as an “Well, you can’t say it anymore, an altar boy, because of the gender thing,” he said in a whisper.  He is a strong spiritualist advocate and less so a backer or religion.

People do sometimes ask, “Is yours a religion?”  This was a similar assumption made by Raymond, an early seeker to the movement in New York, when he asked, “In your religion…”  Our guru, Srila Prabhupada, cut him off sharply.

“This is not religion, this is knowledge.”

In any event, Sam is a great guy who seemed to understand my lifestyle as a traveller, a sannyasi,  a monk who likes to be out and about.  We conversed about a troubled world and the lack of RESPECT (Aretha) and what that word means.  ‘Re’ means ‘again’, ‘Spect’ means ‘look’.  When it comes to spirituality it means to look again, to look harder and deeper and finally see your real self.

Our plane landed.  Sam deplaned at Calgary, I flew on to Vancouver.  I got accommodations at New Gokula Dham off of Marine Drive.  Before sleep I read from a recent book by Achyutananda Das, “Blazing Sadhus”, with subtitle, “Or Never Trust A Holy Man Who Can’t Dance”.  Here’s an excerpt form that book that put me happily to sleep:

“Someone asked, ‘Don’t we all become one with God?’

Prabhupada answered, ‘Nothing is separate from God; that’s alright.  We are one in quality with God, but we do not ‘become’ God.’

The swami pretended to lick his hand and said, ‘It is like saying I am salty, so I am the ocean.  This version is inadequate and ineffective.  The potency is non different from the potent.  The energy is non different from the energetic.  The effective, immediate and ingredient causes cannot be less than the result.  Yes?’”

May the Source be with you!

4 KM

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