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Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Be Smart

Brampton, Ontario

Saturday night overlapped into Sunday morning if you were present at Nuit Blanche held at Queens Park in Toronto.  Nuit Blanche is an all night outdoor setting of eye popping sensation grabbing hands on art displays.

Our group of chanters found our chosen spot on the grass where we plopped ourselves on to carpets for our own version of art through sound.  Once we kick started with Dhira leading the chant, people out there started to get on fire so to speak.  It’s like the magic at New Years Eve.  People are in a party mood, a little tipsy from a substance, out to impress; above all, trying to reflect the nature of the soul seeking happiness.

The dancing began under the moonlight which was over the clouds that were threatening to burst.  The fun went on.  The crowds eventually thinned out and our group moved on, except for me, who decided to walk it back to the ashram, mainly to bring 15 year old Aravind, one of our drummers, to his hotel.  The rains came.  Once again, I’m grateful to have had the Irish trekking experience, a water experience.  It made me resilient to downpours.  My arrival time at the ashram was 4 AM, the time to normally get up for sadhana, spiritual work out.  I went to sleep.

It was a long birthday.

Up I got and in time for a ride to Brampton and a talk to the community there from a verse out of the Gita, 3.20:

“Just for the sake of educating the people in general, you should perform your work.”

I find that supremely interesting.  What Krishna appears to be saying is that merely by doing your dharma, duty, you inspire others.  It’s all quite subtle, simply doing as we’re obliged sets the right tone for others.

I gave a second talk in Toronto and spoke about the varying energies or emissions of the Divine.   People like to hear about the internal energies and how they are full of life.  The external energies, although giving a buzz initially, always end in a sad scenario.  So take your pick on the choice of influence and hopefully you will be smart.

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