Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Who You’re With
Houston, Texas
It takes hours to let adrenaline come to a calm before hoping to achieve real sleep. Last evening our crew of actors from Toronto, in collaboration with Houston youth, staged “Gita: Concise”. It was presented before a tired audience, members who sat in for meetings all day. But, they were a captive group and they let us know that they approved of the approach and the concepts used. We got excited.
Just to assist in the calming of the adrenaline, I resorted to the usual technique of walking. It was a gamble dealing with weather because of the on/off showers. Sing Lung, one of the devotee actors from Toronto, joined me in the residential street stroll. Here is a genuine human being. Sing Lung has headed up the Krishna Club at York University Campus for several terms. He loves chanting on his meditational beads and overall enjoys engaging in bhakti yoga and the devotional service that comes along with it. He takes lessons in modern dance, especially break dance. This makes him a fit candidate for the dramas I compile. He does this slinky rendition of The Mind in the current drama. When he makes his appearance with all these contorted images, it just creates an outburst.
Sing Lung is a superb fellow as an artist and a human being. When I count the quantity and quality of people over the years that have tagged along next to me or I to them, I can say it amounts to a lot. I am grateful for the good company. I sometimes venture alone, sometimes with others, the balance is good.
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