Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Today It Was Jessica

Toronto, Ontario

Today Jessica was the victim of slippery trails. My walking team, volunteers from our community, has expanded to four – a monk, Uttama, myself, a young man Hitesh, and Jessica. No one was really prepared for this feat, hence, some footwear lacked traction. It was Jessica who flew up in the air and landed happily, we laughed.

I warned everyone, even reminded myself that you must learn how to fall. It’s like life, expect some tripping around in this world, we’re kind of clumsy by nature. An elderly woman with her Husky dog remarked that it’s difficult to get a grip. “Walk along the unpounded snow,” she recommended.

Indeed our pedestrian contingent paid heed to her words. We realized that the Earth, that is our foundation, is so much taken advantage of. Indeed the Earth on which we walk is not something you can always have implicit faith in. There’s erosions, floods, earthquakes, and then it gets covered with la neige, which creates a whole new sensation. When Bhumi, Mother Earth, disappears before our very eyes, you have to question the concreteness of our world, the ground beneath.

The Vedas describe disillusion, nature’s elements consume each other. Earth, water, fire, air and ether swallow each other. And then finally the conglomerate of all the elements becomes consumed by the source, Vishnu. The gigantic Vishnu has taken horizontal postures in divine slumber and lies there pregnant with all that is matter and all that is spirit; that includes us, the infinitesimal atmas, spirit souls. Eventually, we could come back for another round of trying to get some grounding. When we turn to the source and go for the shelter it provides for us, we can then bid farewell forever to all the mundaneness. That will be a glorious exit.

8 KM

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