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Thursday, December 8th, 2011

I'm Sure You Have...

Burnaby, British Columbia

I'm sure you've experienced it like I have; that short and brief moment when you think you're being followed.

It's nighttime and you're walking on the street (like I was tonight on a Burnaby sidewalk). It's dark and you are coming towards a street light with its rays casting a shadow; actually, your shadow. It looks and feels like this tall and growing person is behind you and approaching you. He's bigger than you, he may attack you and kill you. In a flash fear hormones explode. You turn your head towards him, nothing's there. You are relieved that it's your shadow. You now feel safe.

Safety is a big factor in people's lives. I had picked up a free Metro paper from a news stand. Once I got to my guest quarters, I browsed through, flipping the pages. You get the usual sensational hype, and much of it instills fear and mistrust in each other.

Some attention grabbing headlines for an ordinary day. Former junior hockey coach pleads guilty to sex abuse. Body Found in Burnaby Identified. Man In A Wheelchair Attacked. Remains of Diver Found 26 Years Later. Some articles are not at all bad, though the subject is chilling. For instance, the one about China police cracking down on child trafficking rings. Apparently tens of thousands of children each year in China. Although, a positive article, it still addresses the unsafe situation for women and children especially. Indeed, we live in a world full of fear, safety is a big issue. So you wonder sometimes. I may be walking and chanting but there's still a chance of becoming victimized. Guardian angel, God, or Krishna, are well wishers and protectors... Still there are surprises in this world. Nothing is totally physically secure, until we shed the body for a permanent one.

Who doesn't want such top security?

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