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Friday, December 9th, 2011

Let’s Move

Burnaby, British Columbia

There’s time to be mobile and time to be still, but too much of either one seems to throw most people off balance.

An acquaintance of mine here in Burnaby described to me, “I’ve dug myself into a deep deep hole, it’s hard to get out.” My friend, Bill, was saying that he had been depressed for weeks; it’s clinical depression. I offered him the opportunity to walk with me. He agreed, but not so happily. We took to a walk by a community garden area and then tread along on some waste land, and then some regular retail shopping mall strip. The scenery was not too exciting, although BC has some of the best nature esthetics in the world, but that wasn’t important right now.

The walk, the mobility of muscle, the oxygen and especially the talk, all contributed to ‘coming out of the blues’. I was happy to see Bill’s transformation. It was day three since I was trying to crowbar Bill out of his lodge. Well, he made it and he felt better for it. I’m not a therapist, but a type of sadhu (holy person) who likes to be on moving legs at certain times of the day. To Bill, I urged, “please try this prescription every day.”

The wind moves, but not always. It also sleeps. Cars moved and passed by us, but they need their break too. Much of the world stops at nightfall and picks up again at daybreak. Some living entities do it in reverse and are on a night shift. At the ISKCON property in Burnaby, the tiny mole moves and builds his mounds, then he goes to sleep. There is also something called a vole on these temple grounds that are very mobile. So everything moves and also has a tendency to stop. In most cases, movement is the healthiest situation.

Dr. David Frawley wrote a book called, “Arise, Arjuna” about getting active, coming alive, doing one’s dharma, and paying heed to the words of Krishna. First Krishna talked to Arjuna and then he encouraged action. Because they were friends, the talk was natural, and because they were friends, they ended up moving together.

Let’s move, but with some decent breaks.

10 Km

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