Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sunday, October 21, 2007 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My training for marathon walking took place in this city at Moore Park Ravine. Toronto is a city that is relatively flat

but it is graced with the natural seetings of ravines. When strolling in them you would find it hard to believe you are

located in an urban situation. It is truly one of the city's treasures and for many visitors the ravines remain a best

kept secret for some unknown reason.

The colour and smell of autumn leaves is a treasure for sight and scent combined with the Indian summer airs that

bring out the best in the occasional pedestrian here. If you were to meet the same kind of passerby on Yonge

Street, the city's main thoroughfare on foot, you would swear that they were not the same person. Like a switch

that goes on and off, change the environment of someone and you change the person. It's like the difference

between night and day.

My guru, Srila Prabhupada, explained that the country is the mode of goodness, the city is the mode of passion and

the brothels are the mode of ignorance. It's a blessing to be able to escape from traffic aggravation in order to

release and relax in the ravine. One more thing that Prabhupada emphasized in relation to environment and the

modes of nature is that the temple atmosphere is beyond any mode of existence. It is one of transcendence.

Ultimately it is your own consciousness, or state of mind that determines the person. Physically you could be

strolling through a gorgeous nature trail but your mind could be in the gutter.

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