Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Lake Shebandowan, Ontario

Sunday, November 4, 2007 Lake Shebandowan, Ontario
It was the first frost felt since spring. Two associates from our mission: one Vaisnav, a father of four and devoted
to wife, hails from Brampton and the other, Nitai Rama, a monk stationed in Halifax, trekked with me on this brisk
morning along a segment of Highway 11. The sun hadn't yet glanced over treetops and not even one motorist could
claim having witnessed us delayed trick-or-treaters trekking. Yes, we were in our favorite apparel, our robes. Our
purpose for being in this northern resort area where monks rarely tread, was to attend a spiritual retreat. It was
more than a three day relaxation and break from our respective urban regions which included more delegates.
Strategic planning for the coming year was our agenda. The venue here at Lake Shebandowan is a paradise with a
serene waterfront presence at each of the cabins: the moose manor, the wolf den, and eagle roost. So review and
stategize we did.
Nearby in the city of Thunder Bay, Dr. Jani had organized for us a presentation on kirtan, chanting, at the Resting
Frog Yoga Studio in the evening. Approximately forty people turned up for the group chanting session. And chant
they did with utmost enthusiasm.
I opened up the presentation appealing to the group to put aside the misconception that we are the body, rather
we are consciousness. In 2003 in my trek across Canada, Benjamin was my companion for forty-five days. As the
childhood friend of George Harrison's son, I asked him what he recalls about George having visited his home
frequently. The late George Harrison, a bhakti-yoga himself, told the young Benji once, "Just remember one thing-
you are not this body!"
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