Friday, 7 September 2007

Thurs., Sept. 6, 2007 Lakelands, Nova Scotia

I began today's footsteps in Falmouth, Nova Scotia. The location is quite unique. We are in the actual place midway between the
equator and the North Pole. The town just east over the bridge, Windsor, claims to be the birthplace of the ever popular sport called
hockey. The boys of King's College (Canada's first college, established in 1788) adapted the field game Hurley to the ice in the early
1800's, calling the sport Ice Hurley. Over the next few decades the name was changed to Ice Hockey, which was played with a
wooden puck. Soldiers at Fort Edward later brought the game to Halifax and Dartmouth. Hockey was introduced to Montreal in 1875.
Another significant feature of Windsor is that it boasts growing the largest pumpkins in the world. Every October, the top of the huge
pumpkins are cut off. Then the pumpkins are gutted and used as boats in which people race across the local lake.
I met Joey, a talkative cheerful type. I also met Fred, the gas station attendant who was very friendly. I ran into some friends I know
who are followers of "The Art of Living." The person I spent the most time with today was a biker who chatted with me twice.
Between the two of us it became quite philosophical. Upon his departure he said, "Men do truly all die but not all men do truly live."
Nadine from the Hants Journal newspaper interviewed me, also.
Highway 1 is a pleasant long and winding road which is quiet and relaxing. I feel very blessed to be walking it's course. Yesterday I completed the Prince Edward Island stretch. Now I'm finishing Nova Scotia then on to Newfoundland for the final leg of
the journey.
30 kms

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