Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Sun., Aug. 26, 2007 St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Doug accomplished a marathon himself today on driving. It was a good eight hour drive through most of the night after a very long day. We drove through periodic torrential rains that got us over the state of Maine from southern Quebec to southern New Brunswick. Then after a short rest, it took us another four hours of driving to reach St. Andrews to visit with friends.
Tall Ship Adventures is a whale-watching co-operative run by an old acquaintance, Rob Carney and his wife JoAnne. On a fifty ton ship along with tourists, Doug, Billie and I set sail to view the same weighted mammals called fin-back whales. These creatures, being the second largest animal on the planet (after Blue Whales) are a good 70 feet or more in length. They live quite a long time. Rob mentioned that a recent whale that was caught had a harpoon's tip, dating to the late 1800's, stuck to it's body. We caught sight of these magnificent creatures as they came to the surface for air. We also saw seals sunning on the rocks as well as playful porpoises jumping out of the water. There were also Bald Eagles flying in the sky around us.
The Vedic books of India talk of an avatar, Matsya, God's manifestation in the form of a fish, which was also gigantic in size. Like the story of Noah's Ark, a flood deluge was on the verge of destroying all of life but Matsya came to protect ancient Vedic codes (in hard copy) and saved them from water damage.
Whale-watching was enjoyable for everyone. The passengers aboard took great interest in Billie and our walking mission. At night we took rest on the Jolly Breeze ship docked in the Bay of Fundy.
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