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Monday, January 10, 2022

243 Ave. Rd., Toronto


The family of four came from Welland. Dad is Abhiram, Mum is Nikunja and their two boys are Gauranga, who’s four-years-old, and Nimai, a few months. The family recently moved to Canada from Connecticut and they are playing a role in the management of our Niagara Falls branch. They had come at noon for the young one’s consuming of his first grains in what’s called kheer.

Tradition holds that it is a priest who serves the preparation of milk and rice. That was me, and while Dad held young Nimai in his arms, I spooned in three conservative mouthfuls of the good stuff. Boy, did he like it.

I was really appreciating the loving exchange between the family members. Four-year-old Gauranga is very much loving his sibling. Gauranga also participated in Vidya observance; a learning challenge. He wrote on his paper pad his name while his crawling brother made for a similar challenge as to what his vocational destiny would be. It was a simple reach for the choice of either a pile of coins or the book, Bhagavatam. The kheer-nourished toddler grabbed for the book. That brought on all the “jayas” from the family and myself. “Jaya” is a phrase that means “victory.”

This exercise or little ritual can indicate a child’s inclination. I have sat through these types of ceremonies and from time to time a baby might choose to grab for the coins, which could indicate a child’s business sense. On such occasions, we will also hear people shout, “Jaya!”

May the Source be with you!


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