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Friday, January 7, 2022

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Two Walkers Made It

I learned about a couple that survived a 4-month walk from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide. In 2017, I crossed the Divide in Colorado and it was at that location that a journalist caught up with me and said, “You’re on the highest point at this watershed. If you pee here, half of the fluid will go to the Atlantic and the other will flow to the Pacific.”

In any event, the American couple trekking this heroic trail exercised true social distancing with their backpacking. Their names? Tim Beissinger and Renee Miller. Tim said he lost 42 pounds after the completion of the hike, which passes through Yellowstone National and Glacier National Parks, as well as the Rocky Mountains.

From my experience, long walks do help to reduce extra blubber and if you chant a lot along the way you also decrease some karma.

It’s interesting how Tim and Renee arranged their meals. Much of the area they trekked was desert, so how did they manage? Well, they dehydrated 100 homemade meals and mailed them out to the various towns they planned to pass on their hike. That was smart.

Overall, their feat (on their feet) motivated a lot of folks to increase their walking. Personally, I believe that a trek undertaken like theirs is an inspiration. Walks like these encourage introspection and we can use a lot of that type of therapy in this day and age. You take a break from this crazy world. Let’s get sane through walking introspectively.

May the Source be with you!

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